Gate_Only_SmallSweet Chestnut Products – Prices


  • PDF versions of various Products Price Lists are available on request. They show images and examples along with dimensions of the many items that can be made, and designs that can be created, from chestnut.
  • Examples of just a few prices include small picket gates from £75.00 going up to £680 for a larger, mortise and tenon jointed field gate with vertical pickets. Rose arches from £172.00 to £278.00. Sheep hurdles from £15.00 to £60.00.
  • Prices do not include fixings, installation or delivery unless specified. No VAT.
  • Chestnut materials are not held in stock by the company.
  • All items are made to order and installed by the company but certain items can be supplied for the client to install themselves.
  • Please contact us to discuss any design ideas or particular requirements that you may have.