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The Creative Chestnut Company

Check out our Facebook page. This is updated on a regular basis with news and views about all things woody as well as images of ongoing projects etc.


The Avon and South Cotswolds Coppice Group

The Avon and South Cotswolds Coppice Group (ASCCG) covers the South Cotswolds, the North Somerset and West Wiltshire areas and also encompasses Bristol and Bath as well.

The Group embraces all those interested in coppice management and coppice products and provides a means for coppice enthusiasts to meet up, network, share skills and work opportunities as well as to enjoy the woods and a vibrant woodland community.


The National Coppice Federation (NcFed)

The National Coppice Federation was established to promote and encourage coppicing as a form of woodland management that provides economic, ecological and culturally significant benefits. It also brings local coppice groups together to provide a unified voice for the industry and to encourage and promote the highest standard of practice and the quality of products within the coppice industry.


Duncan Winter – Trees and Timber

Duncan Winton works as a woodsman and coppicer. He specialises in providing low impact, sensitive woodland management services primarily working in native broadleaf woodland. As well as the production and sale of a variety of wood products he also provides landscaping, construction and tree surgery services.