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Gate_Only_SmallGallery of Chestnut Designs

Take a look at the gallery of images to see examples of work we have completed over recent years. Click on a section below to be taken to a gallery of images for that type of work.


From simple nailed construction using hand cleft palings or pickets to more substantial hand dressed, mortise and tenon framed gates with pegged joints. Gates don’t just have to be on a boundary of a garden…use them as a focal point within the garden itself or to encourage visitors to explore what lies beyond that gate. A gate can even be a solid, door-like structure, maybe incorporating a small pane of glass for a visitor to spy through!

Click here to view our gates.


These are not just for boundaries! Use them to break up large garden areas to create smaller spaces. Fence types include cleft picket fences, traditional cleft post and rail fencing and the flexible wired paling (perfect for those irregular shaped boundaries, around ponds, on undulating banks and to infill those troublesome gaps in a hedge).

Click here to view our fences.

Sheep Hurdles

You don’t have to have sheep (or any livestock for that matter!) to enjoy some traditional hurdles in your garden! Sheep hurdles make a great alternative boundary feature or can be used in isolation for rambling and climbing shrubs. Smaller, scaled-down versions of hurdles are perfect for edging flower borders to contain those sprawling, low level plants.

Click here to view our sheep hurdles and edging.

Rose Arches and Pergolas

Arches are perfect for supporting climbing shrubs, roses etc. either as a single arch or in a line joined together to create a tunnel effect. They can act as focal point taking the visitor’s eye towards something beyond the structure itself. Pergolas can be free-standing or secured to a wall or walls. They can again provide the same functions as arches as well as creating a seating area shaded from the sun or, by adding some carefully concealed covering, or roofing over, a garden room can be created.

Click here to view our Rose arches and pergolas.


Trellises can be visually lightweight structures or of more substantial construction. Brilliant for climbing shrubs or leafy plants to grow through. They can be any shape and size from square to rectangular; with a square or diamond-pattern grid and either wall mounted or “free standing”. Ideal for bringing a bit of life to the vertical surface of a dull wall, adding height to the top of a wall or even a hedge as well as screening that ugly old oil tank or shed. Alternatively, great as a garden divider to break up a big expanse of garden into smaller areas.

Click here to view our trellises.

Garden Seats and Tables

From somewhere to just sit in the shade or to catch the golden rays of the sun, to take in a view or just sit and contemplate. Seating in a garden is one of the essentials necessary to fully enjoy the space… and don’t forget the table or even just a simple ledge to put your coffee mug on!

Click here to view our garden seats and tables.

Path Edging and Steps

Perfect for gardens, woodland settings, vegetable patches etc. Whether you want a straight path or a curving path, the durability of Sweet Chestnut will ensure that you have a beautiful, long lasting feature…the path surface can be finished off with woodchip, gravel or even grass. A path is not only a means of going from one part of the garden to another but can also take a visitor’s eye to a focal point or feature somewhere in the garden. Steps in a garden should rise gently. This is achieved by having shallow risers (the vertical part of a step) and deep treads (the horizontal part). Steps can be either winding, straight or a combination of both, again with similar finishes as the path.

Click here to view our path edging and steps.

The Childhood Dreams Collection

Children love to make dens and camps, to create their own space and to play, imagine and dream. Give them some large empty cardboard boxes and they’ll make a boat, a castle, a playhouse or a hiding place for their favourite toy. Give them their own space, large or small, in the garden and they will engage with nature and the outdoors. Bespoke made child-sized arches, picket fencing, gates and simple seating can all add to this sense of their own space… all in chemical-free, durable Sweet Chestnut. A simple den or a more substantial play house can also be created in Chestnut and Cedar to complete the package.

Click here to view our childhood dreams collection.

Outdoor Garden Rooms

Ah…the great British outdoors! With our variable and sometimes unpredictable British weather, what could be more enjoyable than having somewhere to sit sheltered from the elements but still outside. From a simple chestnut structure with a tin roof over your heads to a more grand structure housing an outdoor cooking space and seating area. It can be open at the sides, partially enclosed by cedar cladding or even fully enclosed and with a rustic door and windows.

Click here to view our outdoor garden rooms.

Sundry Items for Garden and Home

For a really rustic feel there’s nothing like Chestnut that has been cleft and dressed by hand to produce a unique item be it useful or just ornamental. Bird tables, rustic handrails, coat rails even a wooden decorative heart, all can be hand-crafted in gorgeous Sweet Chestnut.

Click here to view our sundry items for garden and home.

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