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We design, make, install and supply bespoke items in English Sweet Chestnut for both garden and home.

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Why Chestnut?

Sweet Chestnut is one of the most durable woods in the UK, requiring no preservative and naturally waterproof.

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Based near Wells in glorious Somerset, The Creative Chestnut Company has considerable experience in landscaping and designing green spaces tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

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Welcome to the Creative Chestnut Company

At The Creative Chestnut Company, we will guide you through an inspirational gallery of bespoke items in Sweet Chestnut for the home and garden. From simple, humble rustic garden gates; to rose arches or to imposing outdoor garden rooms, we can provide you with something that will be beautiful, bespoke, rustic and truly unique.

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Loggia-outdoor garden room and pizza oven


The Creative Chestnut Company designs, makes, installs and supplies bespoke items in Sweet Chestnut for both the garden and the home. Each piece is designed and made to order using traditional green woodworking skills and techniques, and is hand-crafted in cleft, durable English Sweet Chestnut.

New design ideas are always evolving. Where appropriate, we collaborate with customers, incorporating their ideas and plans. Imagination knows no bounds!

Loggia-outdoor garden room and pizza oven


By purchasing a Sweet Chestnut product from The Creative Chestnut Company, you are helping to maintain the centuries old traditional woodland management system of coppicing. This eco-friendly, highly sustainable practice helps increase bio-diversity of flora and fauna, with huge benefits to wildlife.

Roman soldier

Oh yes… The Romans

Well, where would we be if we hadn’t had the Roman Invasion all those millennia ago? The Sweet Chestnut tree, Castanea Sativa, was introduced to the British Isles by the Romans; as they were very partial to the nutty seed pods that the Sweet Chestnut produces. Apparently Roman soldiers were given chestnut porridge before going into battle!

Thanks guys, for introducing us to one of the most durable hardwoods that coppices so well and allows us to now work with this amazing timber!

Roman soldier


Thank you for all your hard work, Tim, we love the fences and pergolas. I didn’t get home until late on Friday, so it was a real treat to get up and look at it all on Saturday. It all looks lovely and I’m so pleased with it all. Thanks, Tim. You’ve done a great job (despite the weather trying to drown you!) I’ve told lots of people about The Creative Chestnut Company as well.

Gail P

Croscombe, Somerset

Tim laid some excellent Sweet Chestnut edging to finish off some woodland paths in our garden. The edging gives clear definition to the paths and really fits into this setting. We much prefer the varied shapes of the chestnut to machined wood. He did a very good job dealing with the differing ground levels and curves of the paths. The result looks great.

David W.

Nr Sherborne, Dorset

Thank you to The Creative Chestnut Company for our beautiful new cleft chestnut fence at Leigh Woods. We are really happy with it.

Nikki Morgans

Recreation & Community Ranger, Forestry Commission, Leigh Woods, Bristol

We are delighted with the chestnut picket fence that Tim built for us at the front of our house. The natural organic look is exactly what we wanted and reflects Tim’s pride in his work. It has been much admired by our friends and neighbours

Nigel and Sonia

near Frome, Somerset

Tim from The Creative Chestnut Company constructed a loggia-outdoor garden room along with a wood fired, earth oven. Although the initial concept was complex and entirely in my mind, Tim completed a clear and simple design that exactly suited my expectations. The construction was delivered in a tidy, timely and very professional manner. In short, it looks fantastic!

Christian A

Fenny Castle, Near Glastonbury, Somerset

Tim has created several features for our garden and is very knowledgeable, full of ideas, able to work with a large variety of materials and always a clean and tidy worker. The cost of all the work was very reasonable and completed to a very high standard. We highly recommend him.

Dave and Niki

Farnborough, near Bath

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